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When writing a thesis you are not left alone. There are many helpful sources which will make your life easier.

  • The main source of free help while writing a dissertation is your supervisor. Remember that supervisors are paid for this kind of work additionally by your educational institution so it is their duty to help you. However, the level of your engagement with the supervisor usually depends on you. Smart students visit if they're in desperate need of thesis writing help. Remember you are not a burden for your professor and you are not taking his or her time even if you see that they are busy with something else. Be brave and pushy when talking to them, regularly update your supervisor on your progress, consult on every questions you get from readings etc. Lack of communication with a supervisor usually result in a bad mark and a thesis of bad quality.
  • Ask other professors to help you. Your supervisor may not be the best expert in your field. He or she may not have all the information and sources you need. Think of other people you can approach to ask for an advice. If you are researching an organization or company why do not you go there and ask for an appointment with one of their employees. You may ask them for any help and they will be pleased to help a young researcher interested in their activities.
  • Surf the internet. Our web is full of materials and guides on how to write a successful thesis. Most of such sources are free of charge. Therefore, find few of them which you like most, read everything through and follow their pieces of advice. There is no guarantee that you will find a guide of a very good quality however, University`s websites and blogs of some famous researches are tend to be of better quality than other sources.
  • Visit your library and find other papers. Such strategy is very useful since you can find some general similarities between papers defended at your educational institution. It is very common that different Universities or colleges come up with their own rules and recommendations on how to write a thesis. Such recommendations may differ from some general guidelines you can find online. The best way to see if there are such differences is to open papers of your fellow students and read them. It may also help you to systemize your methodology and theoretical framework. Some Universities give preferences to quantitative methods and statistics while others are more humanitarian and prefer qualitative methods.
  • When you search for free sources on how to write a thesis make sure you are using the materials written in your home country. Requirements to writing academic papers depend also on educational legislation which is different in every country. If your country is a member of the European Union you can use sources of other state members of the EU because they have common educational agenda reflected in Bologna process. However, other countries tend to have their own rules and regulations on education. Even in the United States, different states may have their own regional legislation which has to be adhered to. Therefore, be careful when selecting a free source as your guidelines.

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Use other dissertations to get new ideas and arguments. Even if you believe that your topic is unique and has never been studied before internet is full of similar topics, ideas and even discussions taking place on social media and fora. There are many sources where you can meet researchers with similar interests, discuss your ideas and maybe even share your dissertations. Networking is always useful.

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