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Law Dissertation Topics

The law is a rules system that is created and gets enforced through social institutions. Law can also be described as the art or the science of Justice. The law makes it possible for the people to adhere to the systems of a country or state. A country usually makes the laws through an individual legislature or a collective legislature. These law systems help us shape history, economics, and politics. Among the country people, the law acts as a mediator of relations. When studying law at the university, you must write a dissertation to get PhD degree. Fortunately, you can find help with dissertation writing at Thesishelpers.com and stop worrying about the degree.

When tasked to write a dissertation, the first step to writing the law dissertation is coming up with an intriguing and exciting topic. Below is a list of dissertation topic ideas that can help you write an interesting dissertation.

Topic Ideas for dissertation, Contract Law

  1. The reassessment of the contract law specific performance
  2. English contract law and the judicial conservatism and its roles
  3. The contrast between contract law in the United States of America and the contract law in the United Kingdom
  4. Forming a contract law
  5. Contract law unconscionable exclusions clauses
  6. How the breach of contract remedies has been destroyed by English law.
  7. The possible pros and cons of the breach of contract remedies
  8. How can contract law be improved?

Company Law

  1. In an unofficial firm, what legal ways are there to work?
  2. Looking at tax in the UK, what’s the most significant concern of self-employment?
  3. What is UK tax history?
  4. In the case of a crisis, what role does corporate governess play?
  5. How can companies enforce proper laws to improve the environment?
  6. Breaking environmental laws and which different companies do it
  7. Corporate liability regulations and how to evoke it


  1. Different ways to make the best return on investment?
  2. Setting up a formal risk assessment and the procedure
  3. Engineering projects and how to manage them by using the proper laws below effectively.
  4. Setting up a formal risk assessment and the procedure involved
  5. Labor relations and the factors that affect them
  6. Construction projects and the role that constitutional law plays
  7. Construction insurance and the possible misconceptions that come with it.
  8. In construction projects, what are the different kinds of risk transfer options?
  9. Construction ethics
  10. Insurance claims disputes and how to resolve them
  11. Requirements and clauses for contractors and the subcontractors
  12. Insurance certificate and how to get it?

Criminal Law

  1. Experimental criminology and the victories and failures of it.
  2. Identity theft, the truth about it
  3. Criminology of the feminist
  4. Sex offenses and the legal consequences
  5. Domestic violence and the laws that are against it
  6. Users of the internet and securing their privacy online.
  7. Capital punishment, the pros, and cons of it.
  8. Creating proper laws to overcome the abuse of drugs
  9. Investigating crimes and how science is helpful
  10. Developed and developing countries and their religious crimes
  11. Criminology and the general principles of it
  12. Developed countries’ religious laws and developing countries’ religious laws.

Scots Law

  1. Abortion and the laws that are concerned
  2. The UK family law and some reforms that are needed
  3. Enforcing the laws to improve child welfare
  4. Net-neutrality and the role of cyber law in upholding.


When you have a good topic, you can write a good dissertation.