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A list of popular dissertation topics for newbies

If you’re getting ready to go into a doctoral program, you may be wondering what you should write about for your dissertation. Depending on your field of research and what the current trends are, there can be many areas for you to focus your dissertation work. Here is a list of popular topics for dissertations from Thesishelpers.com .

  1. An unanswered question by a previous researcher
  2. Meta-analysis of several studies of the same type that has never been brought together
  3. Dissertation topics brought up in another student's dissertation defense
  4. A research question you have always asked but never found the answer too
  5. Data collection methodologies in your field of research
  6. Developing a new forecasting model
  7. Redefining previously defined terms in your field with new and updated information
  8. Refuting another researchers work with new evidence
  9. Examination of the different research techniques for the same question
  10. Qualitative research on a subject that had previously only been examined with quantitative research
  11. Quantitative research to back up previous qualitative research

Field Specific

Your dissertation topic needs to be highly specialized. Finding a cut and copy topic is not going to give you the edge you need to write a dissertation that gives your field a new piece of significant information or research. However, answering these questions in the context of your field and current research can give you a good starting point for a solid dissertation topic.

Original and Significant

Your dissertation needs to contribute an original idea with significant findings to your community. The reason to look at past research for an idea for your dissertation is so that you can begin to answer questions that other researchers left unanswered.

Unanswered Questions

Starting with unanswered questions from previously published studies will give you another advantage of having a good set of definitions to work with. Many times the referenced work you will use when choosing a topic like this will be from the same pool of work that the other researcher used.

A dissertation is not something to be taken lightly, it is the culmination of a long educational career. Choose a topic you’re passionate about as the best dissertation material.